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An Invitation to Holy Week 2022

Updated: Apr 9, 2022

…that we, walking in the Way of the Cross, might find it none other than the way of life and peace….

Dear Members and Friends of Saint John’s,

I hope your Lententide so far has been fruitful and reflective, and whatever you’ve taken on, or refrained from, has led you closer to Our Lord. We began our Forty Days of Lent on Ash Wednesday, and I write this on the 25th weekday of Lent, with fifteen to go until the great Feast of the Resurrection, Easter Day and beyond.

But before we get there, we, too, are invited to walk the Way of the Cross with Jesus. There can be no Easter Day without Good Friday. And so this year, we’ll again offer the entire cycle of Masses for Holy Week, the Sacred Triduum, and the Octave of Easter. The wonderful difference this year is that we’re open for all services:

· We begin with the Triumphal Entry of Jesus on Palm Sunday, April 10th.

· We continue through the last week of His earthly life with Mass every day at 7:30 PM.

· On Wednesday we will, for the first time in a long time, offer Tenebrae, the Service of

Darkness, at 9 PM.

· And the Triduum, the Three Sacred Days:

o Maundy Thursday at 7:30 PM – with return of the Chalice at Holy Communion

o Good Friday at 12 noon, with Stations of the Cross at 7:30 PM;

o Holy Saturday at 9:30 AM

o The Great Vigil and First Mass of Easter at 7:30 PM on April 16.

· Our regular Masses on Easter Day, April 17, at 8, 10:30 AM (and this day also at 5 PM;

· And this year, a grand Easter Reception on Easter Day, the first since March of 2020!

(Our full schedule of services is enclosed for your use, and is always on our website as well)

I imagine we are all distracted by so many of the really awful things going on in the world. Covid. War in Ukraine. Personal, professional, and family disappointments, even tragedies. It can be overwhelming. This year, I invite you to bring all of that with you. We don’t have to leave our cares at the church door when we enter in. Especially now, God in Christ invites us to lay our troubles, cares, sins, and all if it at the foot of the Cross. Let our Lord’s suffering take in yours too, let Him die with it and take it to hell, and then rejoice as he rises again, with all of it conquered, transformed, and redeemed, along with us too.

The best way to walk in the path of Jesus is to actually and physically walk in the path of Jesus. As Covid has receded, we are now open for in-person worship at all services. If you are able and feel safe to do so, I encourage you to join with us in person this year. You may wear a mask if you wish and no one will ask you about it – it’s always your decision. And all our services will continue to be livestreamed too. I pray your experience of the Way of the Cross, will immeasurably deepen and strengthen your faith and life in Our Lord.

Please know of my prayers for all of you, and I ask you to continue to pray for me, a sinner.

Lenten blessings,

Fr. Bob

PS – Our schedule is enclosed and always online. Check out our entire website at!

PPS – You can make a flower donation using the enclosed form or online as well – just click here!

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