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"When you give alms..."

(3rd of 3 Parts)

Jesus expects and assumes we will help others who have less according to our ability to do so. In the season of Lent, we focus on this spiritual discipline, along with prayer, and fasting and abstinence. In this Lent, can you give an extra pledge during these six weeks? I encourage you to set a goal for giving and spread your generosity out of the six weeks of Lent. You will be surprised at what yields!

Here are some worthy choices, or you may have your own. Please give generously, out of a grateful heart. May you have a holy and fruitful Lententide!

- Fr. Bob

Saint John's Church in Passaic

The Diocese of Newark

The Episcopal Church

Episcopal Relief and Development (There is an option for Ukraine relief)

The following have been recommended as good choices for direct Ukraine relief:

Direct Relief Mercy Corps

International Medical Corps Save the Children

International Red Cross Doctors without Borders

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