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The Sacraments at Saint John's

The Holy Communion:  All Christians baptized in the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and who may already receive in their own denomination or church, are welcome to receive the Body and Blood of Jesus at our masses. Check here for our worship schedule.

Baptisms: We generally offer Baptism only to active members of the parish and their families, or to those with a long connection with us. Baptisms are ideally conducted on the Sundays of All Saints (Nov.1), The Baptism of our Lord (around Jan. 13), the Easter Vigil, and Pentecost, and in all cases are performed within the context of a Sunday Eucharist. Other Sundays may be available as well. You can take a look at the service here. We welcome all inquirers of Christianity to worship with us. Please contact the office to inquire further.

Weddings:  We welcome the opportunity to bless the marriage of a couple, and generally only do so for active members and their families, or to those with a long connection to us. It is important to note specifically that Saint John's, in full accordance with the policies of the Diocese of Newark, and in keeping with New Jersey State law, gladly offers same-sex couples equal access to all sacraments, including Marriage.


As an Episcopal Church bound to the Book of Common Prayer, our religious tradition requires certain expectations of the couple and the practical working of the church requires others. 

Expectations of any couple are these:

  • At least one member of the couple is a baptized Christian (not necessarily Episcopalian).

  • The couple has undergone an appropriate pre-marital counseling series with the parish clergy or an agreed-upon substitute. Normally four sessions are held. If either of the couple has been married twice or more already, an outside counselor is required for counseling. Divorce documents must be presented at the first meeting with the clergy if one or both persons are divorced.  Permission by the Bishop for remarriage is required but the process is usually completed within 30 days.

  • Ceremonial aspects, floral arrangements, and musical selections are all subject to the approval of the clergy of the parish. The basic service of Holy Matrimony can be found here.

  • We are happy to offer a blessing of a civil marriage as well.  The basic service is here

  • Fr. Solon is available to discuss any aspect of this process with couples wishing to proceed.

Funerals: We will gladly offer funeral services to anyone who asks. We do use the Book of Common Prayer (here or here) for all our funeral rites. Please contact Fr. Solon as soon as possible, so that he can make the appropriate arrangements with you and the funeral home of your choice.  Ideally, members of the parish are properly buried from the church, and the service should be held at a time when the congregation has opportunity to be present. 

You may also arrange your funeral details in advance. Please contact Fr. Solon to get started.

Confessions:  Please contact Fr. Solon to arrange for your private confession.

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