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We welcome you to Saint John's Church!

We're so glad you're here. We welcome absolutely everyone to experience God's love in Christ Jesus with us.  We're an Anglo-Catholic parish within the Diocese of Newark, The Episcopal Church, and the World-wide Anglican Communion.


Please join us for worship! We use the Book of Common Prayer for all our services. At Mass we also add elements from the English Missal (for example: the Introit, the Alleluia Verse or the Communion Verse). Click here for our service times.

We do not currently have a permanent resident priest but rely on supply priests for the celebration of Mass or our layreaders to lead us in Morning Prayer if no priest is available., Our music is under the direction of Mrs. Mun-Tzung Wong and Mr. David Stech.

Would you like to see where we worship?  Click here for a virtual tour.

We've been proclaiming the Good News in Passaic since 1859. You can read about some of our prior clergy here.


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